Flood Insurance in Texas

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Flood Insurance Texas

Flood Insurance in Texas

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What is flood insurance?

Homeowners insurance generally protects against many risks, but floods often aren’t one of the covered risks. Instead, Texas homeowners usually need to purchase flood insurance if they want coverage against floods.

Flood insurance provides specialized coverage for when storms pour down. When water levels rise, this can be one of the best coverages to have.

Flood insurance Texas

What Texas property owners need flood coverage?

Texas properties deemed to be in high-risk flood areas per FEMA are normally required to be insured with flood coverage. Other properties might also be insured. This includes both residential and commercial properties.

What types of properties can be insured with flood coverage?

Flood coverage is available for most types of properties. Owners of single-family homes, condominiums, townhomes, multi-unit investment properties, and commercial properties likely can all find policies. Even tenants can typically get flood coverage for their personal possessions.

What coverages do flood policies provide?

Flood policies normally protect against abnormal water patterns. This may include:

  • Floods (rising water levels)
  • Atypical waves (along the coast)
  • Mudslides and mudflows (sometimes)
  • Other risks (as defined)

Coverage for mudslides and mudflows is highly dependent upon the policy, and not all policies include this protection. It’s not an issue for many property owners. Those who do specifically want coverage for these risks, though, should work with an insurance agent who knows flood policies well. A knowledgeable agent can help property owners check the terms and conditions of different policies.

What is the National Flood Insurance Program?

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) is a federal program run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). The program makes affordable flood insurance available where it’s important to have, but would otherwise be prohibitively expensive or unavailable.

Property owners who are in high-risk flood areas per FEMA’s maps must purchase flood coverage. They can do so at a subsidized rate, provided that their community participates in the NFIP. Very few communities don’t participate, as it costs a community nothing to participate.

Property owners who aren’t in a high-risk flood area can still procure flood coverage if they want, but it’s normally done through the private marketplace.

An insurance agent who specializes in flood policies can help property owners check whether they’re in a high-risk area, and whether their property is eligible for the NFIP.

Flood Insurance Texas

Does flood coverage include protection against plumbing problems?

Flood policies are intended to protect against natural water events. They normally don’t include coverage for plumbing problems, such as backed-up drains, leaking connections and burst pipes.

Protection against plumbing-related risks is often available through sewer and drainage backup coverage. This is a common add-on endorsement that most homeowners policies offer.

Do homeowners policies cover floods?

Homeowners policies typically exclude natural water events, including floods and others, from their protections. This is why a flood policy is normally needed if flooding is a major risk. Flood policies fill in this gap.

How much are premiums for flood policies?

Premiums for flood policies vary dramatically depending on whether the coverage is purchased through the federal program or on the private market.

If through the federal program, then protections and premiums should be fairly uniform. It’s important to work with an agent who can efficiently navigate the program’s criteria and processes, though.

If through the private market, then programs and premiums might vary more. Policies should be compared with an agent, who knows how to dissect coverage terms and premiums.

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How can property owners in Texas get flood insurance?

If you need help procuring flood insurance for a property in Texas, contact the independent insurance agents at First Step Insurance. We’ll work with you to determine NFIP eligibility, and then find you the best available policy regardless of whether it’s subsidized or not.


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