Personal Umbrella Insurance in Texas

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Personal Umbrella Insurance Texas

Personal Umbrella Insurance in Texas

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What is a personal umbrella policy?

Primarily liability insurance policies can provide a lot of coverage, but sometimes even their upper limits aren’t enough. A personal umbrella policy can give Texas residents additional liability protection if they need it.

A personal umbrella policy is a secondary policy type that supplements the protections of primary policies. An umbrella policy can greatly increase how much liability protection an individual has.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Texas

Who in Texas should consider purchasing personal umbrella insurance?

Personal umbrella insurance may play an important role for many Texas residents. With the rising costs of liability lawsuits and claims, this is becoming an increasingly important coverage.

Individuals normally consider personal umbrella policies when they’re concerned about the potential cost of liability lawsuits. Concerns might be related to an increased risk of liability claims, or to assets that they want better shielded from potential lawsuits. For instance, the following are some examples of when people might purchase this type of insurance:

  • Wealthy individuals may want protection from opportunistic lawsuits that target them
  • Families may want to protect properties that they’ve had for years from being lost in a lawsuit
  • Dog owners may want protection against potential attacks or bites that their dog instigates
  • Boat owners may want protection against tragic on-water accidents involving drowning
  • Athletes in high-contact sports may want protection against injuries that they cause to others
  • Landlords may want protection against injury-related lawsuits filed by tenants or their guests

These are just some instances where having additional liability protection might be helpful. An insurance agent who specializes in these policies can help further explain when this type of insurance could be useful.

What kinds of primary insurance policies can personal umbrella insurance supplement?

Personal umbrella insurance can supplement several different types of primary insurance policies. Depending on the specific terms of an umbrella policy, it might add protection on to:

  • Homeowners insurance policies (e.g. homeowners policies, renters policies, condo policies)
  • Auto insurance policies (e.g. auto policies, RV policies, motorcycle policies)
  • Recreational policies (e.g. boat policies, ATV policies)
  • Other policies as determined by the personal umbrella’s terms

What are the underlying coverage requirements in an umbrella policy?

Most umbrella policies come with underlying coverage requirements. These generally are minimum amounts of coverage that must be attained through a primary insurance policy. The purpose is to make sure there’s a certain amount of primary policy coverage to exhaust before the umbrella policy begins paying on a claim.

An insurance agent who knows umbrella policies well can check for underlying coverage requirements, and ensure any required primary coverages are in place.

What are the retention limits in an umbrella policy?

Sometimes umbrella policies fill in gaps that primary policies don’t cover. Instead of having an underlying coverage requirement in these situations, umbrella policies commonly have retention limits. 

A retention limit is a self-insured amount that must be paid before an umbrella policy will begin covering a claim. The limit functions akin to a deductible in many ways.

How much are the premiums for personal umbrella policies?

Premiums for personal umbrella policies tend to be affordable given how much protection the policies offer. Many policies provide coverage in the millions, and the rates are still affordable because these are secondary policies.

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How can Texas residents get a personal umbrella policy?

For help purchasing personal umbrella insurance, contact the independent insurance agents at First Step Insurance. Our Texas agents will work closely with you to assess your liability insurance needs, and then help you make sure both primary policies and a personal umbrella policy are in place so that you’re well protected.


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